Gh Dach

Oelberg mit Opa

1898 The first documentary mention. The Ölberg was separated from the Schwitzergut and is the youngest farm in Hötting.
The first owner, Mr. Johann Dollinger, also laid the foundation for the Inn.

1914 - 1922 During this time the Ölberghof was sold several times.

1922 May 22nd was the day on which Mrs. Anna Ilmer, widow of Quirin Ilmer, acquired the farm and Inn. After a renewed marriage Mrs. Anna Ilmer was called now Staffler.

1953 October 30th,  son Ferdinand took over the farm and Inn.
He handed over 1956 March 1st, his brother Franz, married to Anna Ilmer.

1961/62 During these years, the estate was expanded and expanded to include accommodation.

1971 Since this year his son Quirin leads with his wife Erika the operation. The business has been expanded over the years.
Meanwhile, the inn has 22 rooms and 2 apartments.

The farm is inseparable from the inn and is operated with love. In the farm, Scottish highland cattle are bred. The beef is processed directly in our inn.

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