Data Protection

Data Protection Regulations General

In order to process your Request or Booking, it is necessary to store the information provided by you.

The above-mentioned company (hereafter referred to as the “landlord”) and zadego GmbH, Tschamlerstraße 4, A-6020 Innsbruck, - FN 311496 h (hereafter referred to as “administration system” are in a contractually regulated business relationship: The landlord has obtained his hotel management or booking software from the administration system. Both parties shall hereafter be referred to as “the providers.”

Your data will be transferred to the administrative system, as well as to the companies, who have a business relationship with the above company. The transfer is mainly to the above-mentioned landlord, or to the tourism association, the registration office and other companies linked to the administrative system and/or landlord.

The use of personal data by the providers is in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, as well the consent you have provided in regards to processing your data.
Collection of Information
As part of a Request or Booking, you will provide relevant information in regards to processing the same. These are generally the name, email address and address, but also date of birth and other personal data. This data shall only be registered, as far as this is legally permitted, and only with your consent and by means of your active contribution. If the consent is provided electronically as part of the services, the legal notification obligations have been met and the consent shall be documented by means of suitable technical systems.
Informational Offers by the providers in accordance with the telecommunication law
By acknowledging these data protection regulations and by actively providing acknowledgement, you are providing your consent in accordance with Section 107 Para 2 of the Telecommunication Act 2003, that the providers may send you information and advertisements in regards to their respective offers by email to the email address provided by you. You may withdraw your consent at any time in writing by sending a letter or an email to the providers.
Declaration of consent regarding data protection regulations
You hereby confirm to have read the data protection regulations and that you accept them in their entirety.

You consent to your personal data being transferred to the administrative system, so that you may receive additional information in connection with the booking (such as travel information, offers such as travel cancellation insurance, events at the destination, products etc.) from the administration system in addition to email offers, reservation confirmations, payment confirmations, booking confirmations.

The providers may add additional information to the data registered by you, which is in connection with the request/booking, as well as process the information and transfer it. This may occur especially under the following circumstances: registration of additional services booked by you and forwarding this information to external service providers (such as forwarding information to the bakery that you have booked a morning bread-roll service), registering special requests in order to improve service quality (for example, you may have requested that the service personnel does not come into your room in the mornings, the information is therefore stored and visible to the landlord, even when making a new booking), storing and exchanging guest feedback (for example, the landlord may mark you as an especially pleasant guest and inform you in regards to special VIP guest offers – such data may be exchanged between the landlords registered via the administration system, and may be accessed in case of a justified interest).

You are able to withdraw your consent given in Point 4.1 at any time by sending a letter or email to the parties.
Storage, disclosure and deletion of personal information
In order to offer the best possible service to you in case of a (repeated) booking, the administration system offers an option for the landlord to store personal information in a guest record.

The providers are obligated to adhere to the applicable tax laws and to store all data in connection with a booking/payment and to disclose this to the local authorities, where required. The storing of personal data will therefore apply for at least the respective legal timeframe of record retention.

You may request subject access in regards to the data stored on you by the providers at any time. This request is to be submitted in writing (via email or letter).

You may request the deletion of your data (with exception of the data defined in 5.2, which are subject to record retention). Deletion requests are to be sent to the providers in writing (by email or letter) as a separate request. The providers shall evidence the deletion of the data by means of a deletion protocol.